Can't get PS3 Online... IP Addrees times out?
  • Im trying to get my ps3 online but after i go through all of the network settings and test the connection it says the Ip address timed out?:eek: this also happens when i try to get my Nintendo DS online too...

    i go and try it maually but i dont know the sub net mask or the other info it asks for... can any one help please?!:)
  • You'll find that information inside the router settings, Twilight. Look for a tab that may say "status", "connection" or "summary" (it varies from brand to brand).
  • could you go into more detail about how to do that??? im not that in depth with the new router we got from bellsouth (at&t), its called 2wire (or any modem/router for that matter) lol :redface:
  • If it is actually a router you should have been given instructions on logging into it with it (usually through the web browser using a particular IP address). If this is actually the modem you may need to get those numbers from your internet provider.
  • when we ordered it they said it was a wireless modem/router... the ps3 has no problem finding a signal so why would it have trouble finding the ip address?
  • ok i got the ip address and it says succeeded, now it says internet connection failed... this is a dns error (80710102)
  • This is usually due to not having the DNS Addresses match up. You can find this in the router/ modem's settings as well. You may also want to do a power cycle (turn off for 30 seconds and turn back on again) of the modem/ router.
  • how do i get to the modem/router settings???