PS2 fail disk read, lens clicking - more details inside
  • Hello and thanks for any help you can give me on this probelm with my PS2. I have this SCPH-30001 (10-screw) which was handed to me from a friend who couldnt figure out the problem with the system. The system itself is fine (firmware, BIOS, graphics, etc.) but the problem is the disk tray - but I am not so sure which specific component is having problems.

    When i first turned it on, it flashed the laser brightly just once, then dimly for about 2 or so seconds, then off. Disk hub would then activate / start spin once, then that's it. Lens would keep going up and down, clicking as it went.

    Whenever the disk tray ejects, it does so in bursts, as if the power was being switched on and off; the lens would click faster as the tray moved.

    I have tried cleaning lens and rack as well as angle adjustment via white cog (I disabled the motor that moves that cog and adjusted it manually.) When that was done and it was like, almost maximum nearest to the disk, it spun disk again and again, but the laser 'dot' kept moving UP and DOWN (not the entire laser assembly, just the lens) as it clicked on and on. This was it's reaction to a silver pressed DVD and a DVD-RW DVD movie. (interested? Slingshot (ride) video of me almost throwing up there, copied.)

    Observation of the lens - it would move sideways, not straight up and down.

    I have also tried cleaning the ribbon cables leading from motherboard to disk tray, but same thing happens.

    Everything else works fine. This PS2 has not been modded in any way (was considering fliptop for MagicSwap, any other suggestions appreciated; heard of HDloader and McFreeBoot though.)

    I suspect it's either the laser unit or a specific chip somewhere on the tray PCB or the motherboard itself. If you could specify suspected chips and suggest methods of knowing which one is defective, i would greatly appreciate it. (current suspect is this BA-8510 / 8515 chip, but I aint really sure..)

    inb4 send it to Sony or a console repair service, sticker is gone, shipping is rather expensive here [..i havent actually tried shipping anything yet] and there are no game shops that do that here on this island.

    Also, optimal burn speed for backups on MULTILAYER disks, and if Nero v6 is enough for the job (if it ain't, suggest). Backing up Fate/Unlimited Codes etc., thus the MacigSwap; shoving the original/s in a safe deposit box.

    Thanks very much for any help you may give. Technically oriented advice is ok too.