Road Rash Jailbreak help
  • ok. I have the original disc, bought off ebay, etc. problem is, when I try to play it on anything (ps1 emus, ps3), it hangs on the loading screen. it gets to the loading screen, then when the bar fills up to signal its done, it goes back to the beginning and does it again, and again, until i get sick of it and quit. i have approximately 5 emulators for my computer, and it does the same on all of them (loading screen). the same thing also happens to the ps3.

    correction. there are three game modes under single player- jail break, five-0, and time trial. the loading screen problem didnt happen when i started playing in five-0 mode, only in jailbreak.
  • I won't be able to help regarding the emulators as we do not offer support for playing the games on them.

    As for on the PS3, only things I can think of is possibly a problem reading some data on the disc or a possible incompatibility problem regarding the PS3's playback of PSOne titles.