live music: the who & eric clapton
  • so i have $150 Aussie bucks

    and both the who and Eric Clapton will be playing in Sydney in march and im going to buy a ticket to see one of them for my birthday.

    problem is i only have enough for one ticket.

    Eric Clapton is the greatest living guitarist and what? 3rd best guitarist ever?

    the who is one of the revolutionary bands that change how people play rock! and they still have there original line up

    so basically I'm asking everyone i know who is interested in music to give there opinion.
  • Clapton bro, that guy is classic!
  • Hmm, tough call there seeing as both would be great to go to. I would say go for The Who, however, mainly because I really like their song Pinball Wizard.
  • The Who every time!!

    Saw them do Quadrophenia live a long time ago and they were awesome.

    Funnily enough Clapton was on the same day (It was a concert in Hyde park - London for the Princes Trust). Clapton is an awesome guitarist, but bloody boring!!

    Go for the Who.
  • GO SEE E.C.!!!!He's like fine wine.He gets better as he gets older.
  • tough choice mate cant u just borrow more cash and go see them both lol have to say if i had to choose it would have to be the who