• I am a brand new video game user and I got Harry Potter for Christmas. This may sound lame, but I can't get past the third flying lesson.
  • I too have just played Harry Potter.
  • Thanks Gene, but every time I press pause, it goes to a score screen.
  • Yea the 38 means hoops. Remeber the first time and you needed 15 to win?
  • You can do it Kathleen
  • :holidays2: My advice is that you shouldn't press X to much and go slowly through the hoops and on the first level you must go through 5 hoops, the second 10 hoops, and the third 20 hoops. I had to try it about 20 different goes.
    In the end my Dad did it for me!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game can be misleading but to complete the training on the broomstick you do have to go through 20 hoops on the third test and then you will have completed the training. Instead of using the brake you can use the accelerator on and off if you want to turn a corner quickly let go of the accelerator button and turn then go off on accelerate again it helps a little bit cos you don't slow down as much. Hope this is of help!!!! :mad: