• hi,

    i am new to gaming and am having trouble with evil dead a fistful of boomstick. i am trying to open the gate to the tv station (i have not got that far as yet). i have the key from the security guy but when i go to use it it says it is jammned and i will need superhuman strength. i have the spell book also and have lightning but i try to do this in this spot and nothing happens. please help. conovar
  • Hold down the R1 button and hit O,X to use the super human strength spell. You'll find this in the lumber yard. Once you have Ash's trusty chain saw you can cut through a boarded up bit of fence here to find it.
  • thank you for the tip. i am glad i found this website.

  • i started the game again and went to the lumber yard, cut down the fence that leads to the street but there was nothing there. all i have is the lightning spell. i have no other spells and i cannot find what i am after. i have the key to the tv gate and also the master key. still not luck. please help. conovar
  • The chunk of fence to cut open that has the strength spell is near the lumber truck. You'll find a save token as well.