tekken 3 --- please help me !
  • hello, i downloaded tekken 3 playstation and its working in all the mode...but just not in VS mode........(keys / controles are not working for 2nd player )...
    soo I need your help with this......

    please tell me how controlles work for player 2nd ?? which keys of keyboard ??

    sorry for bad english but i hope you understand my question ;)

    PS : I also bought DVD for tekken 3 but in this also same problem :(

    SOOOOOOOO please help me !

    thanks in advance !!
  • Gurudev, we will not be helping you with this one- we are very much against the use of illegally downloaded copies of games. It is this sort of thing that has been part of the reason behind some game studios closing down/ losing staff members.
  • uncle, to use it I bough a cd but its also not working so i ask you for help !
  • The problem is most likely the disc itself. You would be better served to purchase the actual system and play it the proper way. ;)