• hi
    i bought a new ps2 and i got a destruction derby game cd free but i cant play it cause it is askin for a memory card.so i want to ask that every games need a memory card?actually i spend my hard earned money in buyin this console now i hv to buy this memo card again so can u suggest me any alternative that is cheaper than original sony ps2 memo card and also pls guide me in how i can maintain my ps2 properly so it doesnt face any problem.u can understand its my new baby.
  • Yes, you do need the memory card or else you would be starting the game from ground zero every time. I do not recommend using the cheaper cards out there- you would be better served spending the extra few dollars and get the actual Sony card.

    As for maintaining it, not much to it other than make sure it is in a fairly open area so that the cooling fan inside can do its job properly and occasionally use a vacuum hose on the vent to suck out whatever dust may have got inside.
  • thank u so much.i bought an original sony ps2 memory card.newayz thanks again