• please help me get a game that will go with a lase gun ;)
  • Welcome to APi Robert! :)

    There weren't many games made for light guns for the PSOne (the typical unsupported peripheral syndrome that seems to happen to anything other than standard control pads).The majority of the games used the GunCon,made by Namco.Games using this included the Point Blank series (good multiplayer fun) and Time Crisis:Project Titan.

    If your light gun doesn't work with GunCon games then your choices are even more limited-the only games I can think of here were Area 51 and Die Hard Trilogy (the second part of this game was a shooter based on the second movie).Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 were also brought out on one CD (wasn't that great compared to other games).

    This should get you a start on some titles to look for-have a glance through our Reviews section to see our take on most gun titles available (we didn't do Lethal Enforcers but I've seen others that did-not worth the money).