• [B]I've had my PS2 for about 2 month's now and I can't seem stop getting dust in it, my fan is now full of dust and I would like to know if anyone has any tips for on how to get rid of the dust on it, I would greatly appreciate if you post your advice/replies here. :D
  • Try using a can of compressed air. You can find these at any electronics store. Or another thing you can do is put the bristle thingy on your vacuum hose and give it a good vacuuming. Try keeping your PS2 in an enclosed area, something like an entertainment centre.

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  • If you do keep your Ps2 in an enclosed area, make sure that it has room to breathe and make sure that you have the area opened at least while playing your PS2 to keep it well ventilated and to keep your PS2 from over-heating. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • keep it on the second story.. will save it from dust but if you live in a single story house... whenever you finished playing , no need to take out the wires just keep a cloth or a towel wrapped around it..
  • Since 97% of household dust is actually dead human skin cells the logical thing to do would be to let nobody (including yourself!) near it!! Hehehe!

    I use compressed air in short bursts to loosen the dust and then use a small vacuum (the type for PCs) to suck out the offending stuff. If you just use the compressed air, there is a danger that you will actually blow it right back into the machine.
    I clean mine once a week and it seems to keep it running smoothly.
    Don't forget tho', to open the tray and give it a quick vacuuming in there too and gently wipe around the surface of the tray to remove any dirt particles that could otherwise scratch your games.

    'Nuff said!