Infamous DNS error. Kinda unique case
  • I looked this up on the net but i didn't find any case that fitted mine specifically. My PS3 is hooked up to my pc via ethernet cable there is no router in between it used to work but now it doesn't it keeps coming up dns error. It'll find the ip address no problem and i've entered the ip address manually the subnet mask the default gateway and the two dns's in manually i found them off my pc using ipconfig/all i'm not sure do i use the pc's ip address or the ps3's. help would be appreciated i am pretty sick of seeing this dns error come up. how do i solve it please. p.s the broadband i use is mobile broadband :D
  • You would need to use a different IP on the PS3- by using the PC's address you are causing a conflict between the two.
  • It's still failing. DNS error still comes up :(
  • In that case you need to change the DNS server numbers you are using in the PS3's settings, you may not have the correct numbers. These should match with what your ISP uses so you can check with them.
  • Still not working. Would you please give a step by step setup for this just incase i missed something please :)