Afro Samurai - Machine Gun Guy
  • What am I doing wrong? I have tried the following: focus, then swing when I hear him fire; focus and swing when I hear him fire (note: there IS a difference there); and just swinging when he fires (NOT recommended).

    Please help.
  • how do I beat the guy with the flame thrower.
  • SmartyPants, the bullet slicing is somewhat difficult to pull off, you may be better off not even trying this and just slice 'n' dice him the old fashioned way. ;)

    Regarding Brother Six- stay out of range when he is using the flame thrower then when he stops to laugh at you dash in for some slashes. Use the heavy combo to take things down a bit quicker. When he starts to get th flame thrower going again get back out of range.

    Eventually you'll damage him enough for phase 2- he'll use his gun to launch himself into the air (creating a shockwave to avoid) and fire a fast-moving fireball at you. Dodge this and he'll either leave you a time gap/ start laughing at you again, leaving you an opening to get back in and whack him.

    In the third stage his shockwave can kill you in one hit- when he points the muzzle into the ground be ready to jump up and avoid that. It has a bigger radius too. He'll also fire two fireballs this time and each will make a shockwave when they hit (not as powerful as when he launches but enough to do damage) so avoid these as well and go in for the kill when he lands.