Full Motion Videos
  • I have one big problem:I have a nodat PS1and is working ok,but when I play s game and is about to play an FMV,it stop a couple seconds then is play,but is stop/play... and so on.Please,help me,if you know any tips,advice anything,please help me...Thanks!

    Every game I play,is pain in the head,because,when is about to be a movie,its stops or is working very slowly,and I haft to flip out the and then close to skip the movie...Please,help
  • There isn't much that can be done I think- the reader on your PSOne may be ready to bite the dust. Only suggestion I can make is to make sure your discs are clean and scratch free as this can make the disc harder to read otherwise.
  • After seeing your last post about this, Angel, I'm afraid we will not be of much help for you. Part of the problem is the mod chip you put in your system- this may be part of the cause of your system dying a slo0w death. Also, if you'll have a read through the thread stuck at the top of this section you will see we are very much against the use of mod chips and pirated games.
  • I understand!

    I'm having this problem,I've watch on the net several tips on how to work

    I've clean the lens with a piece of cotton[stick for cleaning the ears],and the place were you put the cd,and when I play ff9 and the fmv is plaiyng
    [the one were I kidnaped princess garnet and we escape with the airship,then quen brahe order the atak,and the the airship is crash in the forest],good,very good acually! But then,is the same...

    And 1 week ago,I PUT AN ORIGINAL GAME]FORSEKEN]and the intro work smooth,without any intraption...I put ff9[copy]and is the same,it stops,then play..... Now,the question is:Is this because I have copy game or is the lens/dust or any problems that my ps1 have?

    Please,help me!I begg you!!:(
  • The main problem is being caused by the modifications made to your system shortening the life span of your system. There is nothing that can be done other than replace the system itself.