Problem with HDMI and screen Oversizing
  • i have my HDMI hooked up to a Samsung 5 series 1080P 40 inch TV and the other day i turned it on the the screen is "too big". the best way i can explain is that the date and time in the top right hand corner when first turning on your ps3 is there and based on todays date mine says 2/3 2. and thats it. its almost like its zoomed in. would anyone know how to fix this? or has anyone had the same problem?
  • Only thing I can suggest is check your video settings on the Ps3- you may not have 1080p selected as a compatible output and the tv is going to 720p.
  • my first thought to this, Try reseting your video(leaving Hdmi in), and then go through the procedure of reset(would you like hdmi, would you etc.etc. etc.) it just sounds to me like your video was trying to use the RGB instead of HDMI and defaulted. I have seen this a few times now and the reset almost always does the trick.