• hi,evrybody!I'm an[U]old[U]man who just joined because I love my ps3 and I wanna get the most from it.I have one of the older 80 gig consoles.I also have a 500 gig external harddrive cause I love music and photos.I play lots of GTA 4 and Gran Tourismo 5 prolog,and some MGS.GTA is great!I was in a wreck 2 years ago and broke my neck and was paralysed about a year.Now some of my movement has come back but still not real co-ordinated.What would life be like without ps3?PS3 4EVER!
  • Sorry about your accident, that sucks. BUT at least you have your PS3, enjoy
  • Thx,Man.Now if I can only beat GTA4!!!!