things to make the PS3 even better?
  • i was wondering the other day what would make the PS3 even better than it is,and then i thought of something what it could really really do with is a CD multi changer so i wouldn't have to keep getting of my backside to change the disc every time i wanted to play something different,or am i just lazy :D
    i would be happy with a six disc changer or more :) .
    anyone else got any ideas?????
    maybe a night light or maybe it could do with someone coming up with a USB microwave for just when you get a tad hungry but cant be bothered to go to the kitchen :D
  • Totally agree Steel, but that could be our age!!!!

    I personally would like it to come complete with a nanny, that way i could get it to put the kids to bed whilst i carry on with Fallout 3!!

    I am also sure it wouldn't be too difficult to modify the vents for the fans into a toaster, 2 slice though, i'm not greedy or anything.

    If i am really going down the fantasy route i might as well have it with a chocolate fountain to keep the better half amused while i am PLAYING with my TOY! (lol).
  • i agree with u surfer- but my CD-changer, is my little brother , he loves watching me play new games, i just tell him to change the games as i play :p
  • You're going to get Jane all excited talking about chocolate fountains there, Don. :p

    The disc changer would be handy at times but if you're going to be too lazy to get up to change a disc once every couple of hours then something needs to be done. ;) Going down the ridiculous route, I wouldn't mind maybe a small coffee machine, maybe a 4 cup model when needing a quick fix.
  • now i have just read some great if not silly ideas but this question came to mind...... does the ps3 really need anything but the cd changer? and if it did have some of the stuff u guys suggested it would be HUGE way to big to fit anywhere! not to mention the cost. makes me sweat thinkin about those things. why doesnt it just have a mini fridge just so you dont have to go get your drink when in the middle of a battle.
  • The CD changer would be awesome.

    I think the PS3 could also use a drink cooler and extendable arm. So you can cool your drink and get it served on the table while playing. Though CD changer is pretty much the only thing it needs...