disconnected internet
  • Ok, here's the story. A friend of mine can no longer connect to the internet on his ps3. Apparently his cousin was using the internet browser to look at pornagraphy and the internet stopped working soon after. He thinks it may be a virus but isn't sure. I told him he may have to reset the system to the factory settings but I wanted a proffesional solution before he tried anything. His computers internet is still working fine so we know it's not the router. Are there any solutions?

  • Resetting the PS3 to factory shouldn't be necessary but he may need to re-do the network settings on the PS3 as well as doublecheck the settings within the router itself. He may need to redo any settings that were there for the PS3 (port forwarding, reserved ip address, etc.). Once that is done it would be a good idea to power cycle the router.

    It would not be a virus affecting the PS3 as there are currently none out there to specifically target a PS3.