Fifa 09 playing people online
  • Hello everyone,this has probably been answered already but I need help!!I can play people online without problems but when it comes to playing my bro it wont work properly!!you cant select team or change team in some instances.When I first got my ps3 I wasnt online and had to use my brothers connection at his house to get it goin,so I dont know if this holds any issue?

    Im not overly technical so any answers in laymans terms would be appreciated!!

    Many thanks,Ryan
  • That shouldn't be a problem as both of you are able to get online otherwise. It's likely that either you or he have a setting just off that needs to be changed. Considering you are able to play online with anyone else, it's likely on his end.
  • What do I need to do to solve it then?
  • If it is on his end then he will have to solve it, not you. He will need to go through his settings on the router and the PS3.

    I take it your PS3 is now online at your place and not at your brother's?
  • Yeah it's all up and running ok,I do have problems playing some other people as well,so it's not exclusive
  • Ok- most likely you are running into others with similar setting problems, sounds like your settings are doing fine.
  • So is there a solution,or is it just a case that I can't play them end of?
  • The only solution would be to make sure you have everything open that should be ports-wise and have your brother do the same. You, he or both of you may have settings just off and preventing you from connecting.