• hi im looking at upgrading my harddrive to 500gb will it just be a case of swapping the old for new and letting it reboot or do i need to have the latest update on a flash drive for it to install ok ? also what kind of things are saved during the backup process i only really want to keep my mgs4 saves can i just save them to a flash drive and skip the backup ?
  • No, it's pretty straightforward. The PS3 will automatically format the drive for its own use (you should actually see about 440 GB of usable space after formatting) once you turn the system back on. To be honest, the hard bit is getting those frikkin' screws out of the drive tray. I went the easier route and contacted Sony, who sent me a replacement tray for free along with better screws. The ones on the original are pretty soft metal so you may want to keep a pair of pliers handy if you strip the thing.

    The firmware update goes directly onto the system's chipset so you won't need to re-download that.
  • wow thats what i call a quick reply lol thanks for the info mate but what about the backup do i need to do it if its just my game saves i want to keep ?
  • Yep, just back up your game saves. You'll need to re-do any updates the games had when the time comes to play them again (bummer, I know) and you can get your store purchases from the download list in the store.