• I cannot find the last minikit in Episode 6 chapter five (Jedi Destiny) Been through it several times and am still missing only one. Any help?
  • Well, not knowing which ones you did pick up makes saying where the "last one" would be so here is a list of all of the locations in this level.

    Minikit Canister #1: After fighting off the Emperor for the first time,
    use the Force on the floor panels on the left, and
    jump to the alcove above where the canister waits.

    Minikit Canister #2: Go down the staofs from the starting area and blow up
    the shiny cylinders on the right with a Thermal
    Detonator. Build and use the grapple point to reach
    the canister on a ledge overhead.

    Minikit Canister #3: Around the central core, blow up the shiny silver
    panels with Thermal Detonators. The alcove behind
    one of them contains the canister.

    Minikit Canister #4: Operate the Bounty Hunter checkpoint around the
    central core, and assemble the Protocol Droid Lock.
    Use it and cross the bridge, then assemble the pile
    of Lego pieces into the canister.

    Minikit Canister #5: After fighting the Emperor for the second time, on
    the upper platform, use Dark Force to extinguish all
    ten rectangular lights at once. Doing so reveals the
    canister in an alcove in the middle of the back wall.

    Minikit Canister #6: After fighting the Emperor for the second time, drop
    to ground level. Destroy the round objects on the
    right and assemble the Bounty Hunter checkpoint. Use
    that, then use Dark Force on the nearby vent cover.
    Assemble the block, then double-jump to the adjacent
    platform, and hover left to the canister.

    Minikit Canister #7: After fighting the Emperor for the second time, drop
    to ground level and enter the back room through the
    door in the upper wall. Walk over the black grates
    around the central pit to light them all up, and the
    canister will appear over the center.

    Minikit Canister #8: During the third fight with the Emperor, after he
    retreats to the upper platform, destroy the wall
    panels on the right side of the room. Crawl through
    the vent and push the crate to the floor. Use a
    Thermal Detonator to ignite the debris and blow up
    the rear door. Inside the back room, use Dark Force
    to blow up the first fan on the right. Inside the
    fan compartment, do a double-jump lightsaber strike
    to destroy the rear fan and grab the canister behind

    Minikit Canister #9: In the same back room, stack three lounge chairs with
    the Force and double-jump onto them to reach the
    ledge above. Crawl through the vent and do a double-
    jump lightsaber strike to destroy the dark object on
    the right to reach the canister.

    Minikit Canister #10: In the same back room, destroy the cylinders to the
    left of the entrance, and build and use the Protocol
    Droid Lock. Pull the lever on the first ledge to
    the right of the door to drop Lego pieces into the
    middle of the room. Assemble them, then push the
    block onto the green circle. Destroy the two nearby
    chairs, build and push the rotating lever. Push the
    movable block around the track and to the right.
    Go up the lift and use the lever on the left.
    Below it, use Dark Force to break the fan cover and
    again to spin the fan. Double-jump from the fan
    alcove to the canister in the alcove above.