What Would You Rather?
  • I would pick all the games for sony 1 because there is much more games
    for sony 1 and you can play them on sony 2. B)
  • Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, Well I had about 50 games for the playstation 1 but I gave the PS1 to my wifes nefew last year for christmas. Most of the games were pirated copys so they didn't work in my PS2. To bad for me cus I didn't know this at the time :( and I didn't know they were copys either.....

    I have about 15 PS2 games now and thats all I buy these days.. ;)

  • But i mean....think about it........The graphics on Ps2 Games Are a lot better than the games on Ps1.......There are more games for PS1 . but PS2 Will soon have a lot more games......Well i voted for the games on Ps2
  • I don't know, maybe it's just me and my chapped-ass mood, but I think this is the dumbest thread I've ever seen here.

    No offense.....
  • Calm down WB.
    Maybe it's a thread for the younger gamers.
    I still remeber the days when I dreamed about owning all the He-man action figures and I think it's a thrilling choice if you're in the right spirit.
    I see this like a win-win situation so there isn't any need to choose, maybe there is a hidden rule that if you choose PS2 youre not alowed to own any PS1-games :huh:
    I don't know...
  • To tell you the truth, i am going to agree with WB. I am closing this thread because it's a bit pointless.....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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