Soul Calibur 4 (playstation network lagging)
  • I really need help with this problem. If anyone is familiar with Soul Calibur 4 and its playstation network can u help me to get rid of the lagging problems on it? In battle everytime I attack or do something it takes like an extra 2-3 seconds for it to respond. But on arcade and story mode it acts perfectly normal. So if anyone can help me with that problem it would mean alot and i mean ALOT!!!!!!!
  • This is one of the problems with fighters- they rely on split second timing so much any bit of lag on either side can mess up the experience. The problem is most likely in your internet speed and not any particular setting on your end.
  • Hey
    I had the same problem on dc universe and I have just changed my internet service provider and problem has stopped so is your internet I'm affraid!;)