warhawk downloading problem please answer
  • i wanted to get the omega download pack, broken mirror and fallen star pack
    i payed for them i downloaded them i installed them but it still wont let me go on the area's like omega factory, vapourfield and tau crater i keep downloading them and installing them but its still not working!
    so what is wrong and what can i do to make it work please answer
  • :o what version of the game did you buy. I have the blue-ray disc version so i had to buy the blue-ray disc version of all the add-ons. But i might not work with the downloadable version of War Hawk so if you downloaded the game straight off the PSN Store i think you need to get the downloadable version add-ons. If none of this works try and call Sony. hope i help.

    iMac3636 :cool:
  • The map downloads should work regardless of which version you are using. Have you checked the game itself for any updates?
  • i bought the 1.50 version and i got the add ons on the psn
    is version 1.50 the latest version if not how can i update the game
  • i just this minute found out i have a bluray ps3 where can i buy the blu ray add ons ?
  • I have no clue where iMac would have found a disc with the add-ons. The extra content in the PlayStation Store does work with the Blu-Ray version of the game as well so you should not have to look for a separate disc.

    If there are any updates for the game itself it should do so when you start the game. I think iMac's last bit of advice may be best- contact Sony themselves and they should be able to get things sorted out.
  • thanks will do;)