• Hi all,

    Just yet ANOTHER problem with PES 09 online, well I got a new router recently and has set up to be a NAT Type 2 which is great news as the one I replaced was only setting to a Type 3.

    With my old Belkin router I was not even allowed to get online with PES09 but with my new D-LINK I can get in, however there is always a BUT with this bloody game. The problem I got now is when I get to the main menu of PES09 and go into Network its takes bloody ages to get past the "Testing Network Environment" message. It does get past it but takes about 3-4 minutes to get through the message which I know aint right as my mate told me his gets on in about 10-30 seconds.

    Can anyone help me.....I have opened some ports but that seems to have no effect. If anyone can help me and if they need more info about my router just ask.

    All the best
  • :( how did you change your router settings for PES 09 online, because that is the problem that I have. If I try to go online it says that I need to change my router settings. And I have got a KONAMI ID and a GAME ID! I am just as frustrated as you are! :frown:
  • Cgooders, you'll need to have all of the PSN ports open (listed in the pinned thread in the Console section) as well as UDP 3658 and UDP 5730. Once these are all set up you should be good to go. Also make sure you go into Port Settings in the game menu itself and make sure Auto Select is turned on.

    This should help you as well, cevison. In that pinned thread I mention I also linked to a site that guides to how to do port forwarding for a wide variety of routers. Just follow its instructions enough to get to the right section then use the numbers I list in the pinned thread as well as the two above.