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  • hey guys, can anyone from the staff tell if there is a Nintendo Ds Emulator that can be linked together on the same pc; i.e. like a previous vba emulator i had where i could open one gba emulator and open the same one again(different windows) and link them; do u know of any DS emulators that do it, if u do which one,
    OH AND I'M REALLY SORRY 4 ASKING QUESTION ABOUT NINTENDO ON THIS SITE BUT I FEEL LIKE ONLY U GUYS CAN GIVE ME THE ANSWER, FOR MY PAST PROBLEMS ONLY AFTER ASKING U GUYS GOOD MY PROBLEM BE SOLVED SO,here i am asking, see i'm also a fan of pokemon, but only 2 try and completely beat all the previous pokemon games without cheats(just linking/trading) look at it this way at least i will only use my cash 2 playstation products not nintendo.
  • Joel, we are completely against the use of emulators here due to them using illegal copies of games. For this reason we will not be answering this and I'm locking this thread. We would rather see you purchase an actual DS and the games instead of using that (this may be a PlayStation- based site but we're gamers on other systems too ;) ).
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