• I am having problems overcoming the robot. Before I finish planting the emp, it shoots me. See below for the part where I am stuck.

    ISLAND BASE Crouch behind crates to avoid being seen by patrolling
    guard Wait for him to walk the other way, then take him out with a
    silent attack. Interact with console and rotate turn table 3 places in
    either direction (orientation stays the same, but the direction of
    travel on the conveyor is now the opposite) Step onto the conveyor ? do
    not walk or run as the guard will hear you and alert the robot. Access
    the pump room Use the ladder to access the raised platform Knock out the
    guard Access the console Rotate turntable 2 places anti clockwise Cross
    the turntable ? again do not walk or run Access cable car upper Being
    careful not to wake the robot
  • [b] Call lift Insert power pack
    Take lift down to manufacturing
    Take the door to the power room
    Walk around the gantry to the next door.
    Lift button doesn