corrupt file system
  • hi guys i upgraded the harddrive on my ps3 yesterday to a 500gb drive got it all swapped over no probs started it up no probs formatted drive ok and everything was running smoothly switched it off went back on later last night tried to download my bought games then it froze up so i switched it off and back on now all i get is the corrupt file system message it trys to fix it but keeps coming back everytime it restarts is there any way to force a reformat while its still in the ps3 or am i going to have to reformat it from a pc or laptop or is there any other way around this ? my old drive still works ok so im assuming its not a problem with the console . any help would be greatly appreciated .
  • You may have to get that drive re-formatted using your computer and a USB casing to put the drive in (available at any place selling computer equipment). Once formatted to FAT 32 you should have no problems with putting the drive back in the PS3 and it will then be formatted (again) for use on the PS3.