• Ok, heres what I got. I got an old fat PS2 and wana go wireless. What would I use and how would I go about getting what I need and setting it up. I'm not computer stupid and I'm not all knowing about stuff. I've looked at some of the other post and seen what others have said but I dont know what some of you guys are tlaking about. Oh and I already have wireless on my computers.
  • Linksys sells a wireless gaming adapter that plugs into the ethernet port of the network adapter for the PS2. You would need this to go wireless with ol' fattie there. You should be able to find this in game stores or places selling computer stuff (or even directly from Linksys at their site).
  • I looked up somethings, things arent cheap! Was wondering if this was the right thing b/4 I go on a wild goose chase this weekend

    Linksys by Cisco Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming Adapter WGA600N

    Thanks for all your help!:)
  • That is the latest variation of what I was talking about. You should be able to find the slightly older 802.11 G version for a bit cheaper, though. Using N is no real advantage, I feel- it still isn't a finalized standard so purchasing anything using it now runs the risks of some thins being changed in those standards when it is finalized.