• Can anyone please tell me what i need to do to rescue the hostage on the last level, and also what do i have to do after i do?
  • [b]
    After the FMV, despatch the two guards who come in.
    Go to the next car and grab the flak jacket from the box if you need
    it, then go to the next car and shoot the two guys that will drop down.
    Go to the next car, then past the next one and kill the guard who comes
    IMMEDIATELY shoot the next one - he's got a Falcon handgun.
    Reload, go to the next car, then the next one and quickly shoot
    both of the men behind the damaged seat.
    Grab their ammo and go to the next car for a communique and the first checkpoint.

    Then go past the next two cars and shoot the two men who appear in the third one.
    Go into the next car and change to your sniper rifle.

    Step up close to the door & look through the left window.
    Target the left man
  • There is an easier way to this than Lola has listed.

    simply run through the level - kill everyone - this run dont give a monkeys about the hostages and when you get to the last carriage kill Aramov and her hostage with grenades.

    the game will finish and you will get the wonderful single shot kill option. then restart the level and complete it as Lola has stated ;)