• I recently took apart my PS2 to clean it out and seem to have messed this cable/ribbon up. My PS2 is the silver slim SCPH-79001 and refuses to turn on. I've searched for replacement parts for this cable and have narrowed it down to two types, but I'm unsure which is the right one for my model. One is the 3 inch and the other is 4 inch.

    So, can anybody here please tell me which (if either) is the right one and give me instructions on how to install it? Thank you.
  • I would think the smaller PS2 would use the shorter cable. You should be able to determine this by looking at the one you "messed up".

    BTW, I removed your links as we prefer not to give commercial sites free advertising. ;)
  • Well, it seems like I messed up the connectors on one of the ends when I removed it to clean out my PS2. I guess I pulled it out either too hard or too fast.