• Just got a new PS2 system and purchased 2 Sony 8MB PS@ Memory Cards.

    We have started with the game Jak & Daxter and are about 1/2 way through. We got a few "Spyro" PS1 games for my nephew and he wanted to play them. When the Spyro game started up it said there was "no active memory card" available (however, we had a memory card in the system and have only played 50% of Jake & Daxter so there should be plenty of room).
    We decided to insert the 2nd card anyway and it still gave us the message "no active memory card".

    I then tried starting up my new "Kingdom Hearts" game (thinking it might just be a PS1 game problem) but it did the same thing. The game would not save because it said there was no active memory card even though we had two brand new 8MB memory cards in the slots of the system.

    I can't imagine there wouldn't be enough room on 2 memory cards for more than just 1/2 of one game....so what could the problem be?

    Is there a problem with the memory cards or could the problem be with the new PS2 system itself?
  • The Playstation 2 memory card isnt compatible with PS one games.

    In other words use the PS one memory card with Ps one games.
  • As gabreal said PS2 cards cant be used for PS1 games, cept for storing saves but not to play.

    That said I cant guess why your card would work for Jak and Daxter but not work for Kindom Hearts. If as you said your system and cards are new I would get one or the other warrantied now and see if that fixes things. Better safe than sorry.
  • Sounds like something is wrong with the memory card slots. Seeing as it is a new system you should have no trouble getting an exchange for another system. If possible, though, try the cards in another PS2 first (no doubt someone nearby should be able to help out there). I can't see two new cards being defective but it is remotely possible.

    You will have to buy a PSOne memory card to do game saves for all PSOne games-PS2 games use a different method of saving (kilobytes instead of blocks).
  • Thanks everyone...that explains the PS1 game problem.

    Now I just have to figure out why I don't have enough memory on two 8MB memory cards for both J & D and Kingdom Hearts.

    I may get the system tested to see if there's a problem.

    Thanks again for your speedy replies...you guys ROCK!
  • I read this thread earlier and thought that your PS2 must be faulty. But now after thinking about it for a bit I have one question to ask...

    Is your memory card in slot 1 of the Playstation2?

    Some games will only recognize memory cards if they are in slot 1.