wireless issues :(
  • i have a wireless connection here, but whenever i try and connect with my ps3, it'll only stay connected from anywhere from a seconds to over an hour, or sometimes it won't even connect at all. i don't know what to do. it always give me the 80010201 and just now when i was connected and actually playing MGO, it dropped out and gave me a 8002AD23. help!!!
  • okay, now my console isn't picking up that there's a wireless network in my house at all. when i go to the "settings and connection status list" it says it's not connected, and when i try a connection test, it's failing on obtaining an IP address. i didn't do anything different from earlier when i actually had a connection and played MGO for almost an hour. at this point, am i just looking at a defective console???
  • I'm thinking your signal strength may not be good enough- what sort of percentage did it show before when it did pick it up?
  • hi there, the signal strength will go from anywhere from 20 to 100%. but i'm don't think that's it, cause i put the console literally a foot and half from the router. plus, the upstairs computer that is also on the wireless network gets online just fine. now, it's not picking up a network at all in the house, when other days it will. what the hell?
  • If it's going down as far as 20% even being that close to the router then something is really up here. You may want to try setting up a wired connection to the router instead. Only other thing I can think of is maybe something on the computer is hogging bandwidth (bittorrent programs perhaps?).