40Gb PS3 no display and no sound, HELP !!! Please
  • Hi I have a PS3 40Gb version, it has been working fine, but this morning when I switched it on there was no sound or display to my tv.

    The PS3 was connected via HDMI, tried another HDMI cable made no differance so swapped back to original PS3 lead made no differance.

    Have held the power on button down after fully resetting the ps3 again made no differance.:(

    Also the wireless handsets do not appear to sync to the ps3, have even connected them via the usb charging leads but they still do not appear to work, they just charge.

    Have inserted various game to check for sound/display, no joy.

    PLEASE please can any one help. My kids driving me mad and its only been this morning.

    Many thanks inadvance!!!!
  • I'm wondering if the problem is in the HDMI port on your tv and not the system itself. Have you tried hooking up via the cable that came with the PS3 and do the video reset trick to make sure it isn't the system?