PES 2009 ps3 Online lag
  • I have just started to try to play pes2009 ps3 online. I have only used quick match to play. I have good connection strength. Every time I play the away team always has so much lag they can't do anything. They literally can't maintain control of the ball and it just bounces away from them, things like that. Always the away team though. I thought it was opponents connection and then when I was away team it was crap for me. Here's all the info I can supply:
    from ps3 network settings:
    100% strength
    Nat type 2

    my connection is ADSL2 2701HGV-W Gateway Modem with 54mbps.
    Would it be better to use and ethernet link from my modem?
    I have all the available updates.
    I have played NBA2K9 online and it runs ok.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • I think you are running into a problem with the game's online component itself, nothing in particular to do with your connection. Only suggestion i can possibly make is try to connect to more localized players- you may have run into some lag due to your opponent being too far away for a steady connection between the two of you.
  • have u sorted the prob i have the same thing i cant play the game anymore its too annoying pls let us no cheers