Help-Narnia's Prince Caspian for PS2
  • Aslan's How? I am trying to complete this. I am in a room on the game. There is a circular figure on the floor and the ability to turn one mechanism and pull down the other. You turn one and pull the other and still cannot advance. My son and I cannot figure this one out to advance.
  • Use the turn-wheel to position the bridge and then the lever to lower it. Beyond the bridge go up to the brambles and break through them. Destroy the items inside and find the turn-wheel peice. Move over the opposite direction from the brambles to find where it belongs. After placing it, use it. Now use Caspian and step on the foot panels to the right. Shoot arrows into every hole that each foot panel opens while being stepped on.

    After all three are lit you'll open the door. Behind it is the missing lever piece. Use it to repair the lever and drop the bridge. Pass the bridge and go right. There is a passage opened by having two characters pull the chains. Get the lever peice inside and return it to the bridge the opposite direction. Pass the bridge and destroy the pottery around there. You should find a turn-wheel.
    Return it to its slot and turn it. Now use the lever and you have another bridge.