help w/ silent hill 2
  • We have made it to the box in what I would guess is a lower level of the prison. There is a box w/ faces all over it and there are stairs going down at the end of every coridor. We have gone down all of the stairs and figured out that by turning the box it opens a room. We have ran into one of the pyramid heads a couple of times but do not know what to do to go on. We already have the big knife and have tryed to kill pyramid head with it and the shotgun but have been unsuccessful in our attempts. Where do we go from here? Or what do we try?:confused:
  • Even with the great knife, it's best to just run away when you encounter pyramid head.

    On Easy and Normal Riddle Level, the solution is always the same because that arrangement and starting position of the doors in the metallic room is always the same. Checking the doorways in the metallic room, you'll notice that there are three spots which have doorways on opposite sides of the room. You can manually align one set of these doors on opposite sides so that they make the correct entrance and exit, and you'll ultimately discover that there are three faces on the cube that work as solutions, matching the three sets of opposite end doors.

    Rotate the box so that the red-eyed, right-side-up face displayed, and then rotate the box left or right so that one of the three upside-down faces are showing. With one of these faces showing, you'll notice that a doorway has appeared on the other side of the metallic room, along with a staircase. Puzzle solved.