what are the function of USB ports in front of ps2 console
  • hi i want to know the function of the functions ov these usb port present at the front can you tell me why we need that n how we gona use it. thnx


  • Some things like the guitars with the Guitar Hero/ Rock Band games come with "dongles" that plug into these ports to communicate with the PS2 wirelessly. You can also plug other items in such as USB keyboards for text chat in games online.
  • okay can you tell me how can i play online with my ps2 console i got WLAN rounter of linksys.and i do i need to get some subscription or how i can play online.
  • If you have the slim PS2 you'll need to connect it to your router using ethernet cable then set up your internet connection using the set up disc that came with it. If you don't have that disc a number of the online games do have the connection set up built in, just select "make new connection" when it asks in the online portion of the game.