Colin Macrae Expert Setting
  • Someone please help me before I jump up and down on my playstation. On Colin MaCrae Rally the settings will not let me choose the expert difficulty... I've beaten everything in Intermedite in a podium position everytime, I've completed the driving school thing and the game still won't let me choose the expert difficulty. Any suggestions?
  • You need to win the intermediate championship to unlock the expert difficulty setting.

    also i think that entering the code OPENROADS will unlock it - its been years since i played it to unlock all so i dont really remember.

    i do remember the menu screen changes from blue/grey to gold when you unlock expert tho
  • Win the intermediate championship? I came 2nd overall... do I need to come first coz if I do I'll try again but... are you sure?
  • Yup

    thats the way it works in all the McRea games - you have to win the championship in the second hardest level to open the hardest level for playing in.

    but be aware that expert is a huge jump up from intermediate - you can green sector entire stages in intermediate but will be lucky to get one green in a stage first time thru on expert

    good luck tho

  • AH HA! Done! Ah yes... I am happy, the world looks brighter, colours are... more colourful. First place on the Intermediate setting does indeed enable the Expert setting. Thanks dude.
  • You are more than welcome

    just remember the same premise goes for the other games in the McRea series too.

    the second game is far the most superior rally title available for the original playstation, should you wish to try it when you complete the first one!!