• [b]As Many of you UK members may have noted that the game 'The Getaway' has slipped many shipping dates over the past years! Yes YEARS!

    As this game started life way back in 1996 for the PS-One but with the techonolgy that was around back then, it was dumped & ported straight to the PS2 for the launch date (Yeah Right!)

    Now with the offical release for the UK for 6th December I'll have to warn all you parents out there about this game. Apart it is a complete let down and not a patch on GTA series, it is full of Swearing! Full on, no holds barred Quentin Tarantino scripted style movie production Swearing. It sort of spoils the game & locks out a age limit that could be a big seller to the under 15's for Xmas (and apart that the game is THAT BAD as well)

    On another note. The UK magazine, PlayStation 2 - Official Magazine UK has the demo. Two levels worth, oooooooooooh, don't get excited as I've been in contact with the editor of the magazine about the demo & the lack of explaination of the game content that by law they must place an advitertisment on the front of the DVD cover & Magazine front that this month's demo (The Getaway) has to display the 'Parenetal Advisory - Explicit Content' logo along with either ELSPA or BBFC classification. His reply was 'There is a statment on the DVD cover "Warning! The Getaway demo contains strong language" at the bottom of the of the cover'. I must say I didn't quite read the full box cover, WHY? because it's not clearly printed on the cover & the lettering is only 1.5mm high in print & blurred! This is from a company who only 3 months ago published a competition in the sister magazine OPM where you entered the competition by texting your answer on your mobile phone & you got a reply back stating 'Sorry this competition is now closed, I got on the ball on that one & received a free PS-One game! I've told them many times to get someone to proof read ALL of the magazine for such mistakes like that as it could set them back a day in Court! Isn't this the job of the editor?? hehehehehehehe

    On reflection of this, any game that has Cinematic style intros or plot lines with voice actors has to be classified first infront of the BBFC for any ratings. So why did this one get through? Should have been set at least a 15 rated BBFC if not 18 as it deals with Kidnapping, Murder, Blackmail, Theft, Sexual Content & Very Harsh Laugage.

    If I had to pick a game for Xmas, it would be Grand Theft Auto - Vice City, So I'll be scratching off The Getaway from my list.

    So in short - GTA Vice City = GOOD & The Getaway = BAD, VERY BAD, Not worth the over budget, late as British Rail Trains
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