Street fighter 4 Queston
  • hey guys i'm a big street fighter fan, but i missed out on the collectors edition, and i really wanted 2 buy it cuz the new street fighter movie is available, heres my quest.:
    - Do u think that there will be any collectors edition available later on?
    - Do u think the movie will be released later on without the set, by itself?
    appreciate an answer, thanx:(
  • If you missed out on the collector's edition via pre-order you likely will not find it in stores again. They call these collector's editions for a reason, after all.

    If you are willing to pay the extra cash i noticed there are some sellers at Amazon with a somewhat inflated price. You could try eBay as well.

    As for the anime, don't expect that to be available on its own. Again, you may be able to find this on its own via eBay.