Ps2 dual-layer disk not loading?
  • Hi,

    I have a slim ps2 which is not able to load dual-layer disk. I have tried some single-layer and everything is ok, but any dual-layer will not load. This has started when I tried Guitar Hero World Tour for the first time. The loading times were extremely long (5 minutes to load a new song!!!). So I tried Gran Turismo 4 which was working well before and now it is not loading at all. And the situation was getting worse each time I was trying a dual-layer game. Loading a single-layer is still working.

    I have cleaned the lens of the laser but nothing improved. Do you think the laser is starting to die? I've heard about laser voltage adjustement: can this have something to do with my problem?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

  • The problem would definitely be the laser beginning to die a slow, painful death. Not much that you would be able to do other than contact Sony about it.
  • where do i take my playstation 2 to get fixed or how do i get the parts to do it my self when i open it up and see whats wrong???

    please help because this device is not mine and i need to fix it before owner gets really mad...???!!!
  • You have to contact Sony to arrange for sending in to them for repairs, Melisse. While a search for "ps2 parts" will find you some sites that would sell parts you will want to make absolutely sure you get the right ones and be very confident in your electronics repair skills.