M.O.H. - Underground
  • M.O.Honor - Underground - 66% of way thru`- V1 Rocket factory - end of level !!!
    How do you manage to run away from massive explosion
    & survive...please !???! (..to complete the level !!! )

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  • Hey Monty,

    Consulted a friend of mine who's a freak at these games and here's how he said to do it.

    When you have set the explosive don't turn around and run, run backwards. You will hit a wall, as soon as you hit it turn right and run down the hallway. You can't afford to stop at anytime or you'll go Kaboom. Run left down the hallway and you should see the Ausgang sign pointing left, run that way and get the hell out of there as quick as you can. You should just make it by the width of a hair.

    Hope that helps :D