The Incredible Hulk
  • How do you defeat The hulkbuster to save Betty,Also on the Iron-Man game,What do you do to save Pepper.
  • Use the ground smash when your rage meter is full to deal some damage. You can also use the hand clap move to stun the Hulk Buster.

    As for Iron Man, that is one of the more difficult missions in the game. You should be able to have your suit maxxed out by this point at least, however. Here's some info I grabed from a walkthrough:

    first AIM sends gunships and flying suits to attack. Head for the central
    structure and hit your afterburners. When you get there, put all your power
    in weapons because you need to churn out a lot of power. Take out the first
    wave, focusing about 2:1 on the orange flying suits over the gunships. Then
    take out the rest of the gunships.

    AIM will start sending waves of missiles at the reactor. You can actually
    just above the reactor in the middle and shoot most of them down. Do so, they
    are the biggest threat here. Now, when you get a break from that, there will
    be gunships, tanks, etc. being delivered to attack the outlying buildings.
    Keep after them as well, but don't go too far from the reactor and always be
    ready to afterburner back to take out more missiles.

    There is help, for all this. There are "Tesla Buildings" scattered around the
    reactor, and the hoops at the top of these glow with energy. If you can fly
    through these hoops, it will create a power surge and give you a temporary
    shield that will help with the missiles and crafts. Activate it, but don't
    depend on it, because some things will still get through. Also watch out for
    AIM to attack the Tesla buildings to keep you from getting help.

    There are a few buildings exposed to attack from every where on one side of
    the reactor, and a single building overlooking the ocean on the other side.
    That's the one you want to depend on, because it's much easier to protect than
    the others. When you hear Jarvis say something about "Reactor Reset," that
    means that the shield has stopped working and you have to fly through the
    hoop again.

    You will face wave after wave of attacks, drop ships, etc. Just keep jumping
    from one group of targets to the next and watching for missiles. Eventually,
    Jarvis will say something about enemy forces retreating. That's because they
    are about to launch a massive, multi-directional missile barrage. Get up
    above the reactor, but not too high because they you won't be able to hit
    anything. Start blasting anything with a jet trail behind it. Now, you won't
    be able to lock-on to the missiles, but you'll get some targeting assist at
    the easier difficulty levels. In any case, just keep blasting and get lucky.

    When that ends, so does the mission.