• hi ive just bought burnout paradise, got the latet updates, wen the game starts it asks to sign onto the PSN It logs on to the PSN the it asks to connect to the burnout paradise severs, everytime it tries to connect to the servers i get thew same error " could not connect to the paradise servors rtight now,plz try later.any idea wats wrong. im using a wireless onnection 1mbps
  • If you have all of your port forwarding as it should be (which I'm sure you do considering past posts) it may just be them having some technical difficulties. If that is the case you would need to stick to offline play for a bit.

    Part of it may also be your connection, though, 1 mbps connection is pretty slow as broadband goes. Possibly everything else connecting online (PS3 itself, computer, etc.) is taking up all available bandwidth and keeping you from connecting.