Need som help with error 80710092
  • The error says a problem has ocurred you have been signed out of the network.
    I have opened the required ports, changed my dns, media server disabled, manual ip address, have a nat type 2, but still not working. I also cannot connect to the psn through my pc. playstation and metrocast told me my motorola sb5101 was the issue and that you had to have a 5120 or higher to work with the new update playstation ran. I am totally lost and confused tried everything I know to do so please someone help me!!
  • If what your ISP said is true then they should be able to get you the correct modem to work properly with the PSN. Talk to them about upgrading your equipment.
  • I'm getting this same error code. I can connect to the internet on the ps3 and look at updates to the PSN through the Information Board and surf the internet. I can even look up the Online Instructions Manuals (which didn't help). I just can't log into my account to download games/movies etc... I still have the same email and password. I've tried everything I've seen on this site and others with no luck. Just stopped working 2 weeks ago.

    Any assistance or direction would be appreciated!
  • Does that include the port forwarding noted in the pinned thread at the top here, bundy?
  • I've been out of town and unable to try the port forwarding like you suggested until today. Checked everything twice and still not working. (Great site reference BTW, just couldnt' get it to work for me, lol) I live in a complex, so I was able to connect to a neighbors wireless router and it does the same thing. I can surf the web and look at the Information Board. I just can't log into PSN... I know I didn't change my log in password but even when I click the "forgotten password" button it times out. I'm sure it has nothing to do with it, but it all started the same day I down loaded the update for Playstation Home. It down loaded the update and never worked after that. May just be coincidental but I thought I'd put that in here since it's the only thing different that I've done.
  • When doing the port forwarding did you just use the numbers they listed or did you use the ones I did in the pinned thread? I noticed they do not list all of the ports needed in their instructions.

    You also may want to try a simple power cycle of the router aftertings changes- sometimes this is needed to really finalize things.
  • Mate,

    Where are you located in the world?

    I have had the same problem happen with me, over the past 1 week, each time I log on, I have got the same error code, whereby I just thought it was a problem with Sony and thought I would come back to it, done all you have said, as well as downloaded software upgrades, but actually going online via games is not possible, with the same error message - 80710092.

    The reason I ask where you are from, is because I keep seeing posts by several people over various sites, all stating around the same time as now about this issue, thus I think it maybe an issue with the ISP, which if you are in UAE, then I am on Etisalat...

    Appreciate your confirmation, and if by any chance you found out how to fix this issue?
  • I am having the same trouble everytime i sign in its connecting to the internet but not the playstation 3 and saying error code 80710092, i have tried rebooting both the modem and turning playstation off and several times but to no avail i am in despair and need someone's help to assist me on this matter. sometimes it logs and and then two minutes later booted off again .............