• lol i still have a ps1 and just found my urban chaos game... my bf thinks im completely addicted :P... i swear im not :P

    how do i prevent the dude from commiting suicide???

  • To be honest, i don't think there is a way to keep him from jumping. Just walk slowly toward him a bit and let the cut scene play out.
  • I need help on how to kill the fire monster.

  • djg, what level are you talking about? I'm seeing nothing about a "fire monster" in this game.
  • Insane Assault is the level. Bane reveals himself, and it looks like Hulk that can throw fireballs. I'm hung on killing this thing so that I can move on.

  • Seriously, posting just the once is plenty, djg. Posting several times in a row is not going to help things. ;)

    The one walkthrough I found that supposedly covers all of the game has no mention of Bane (that's the name of your "fire monster"). Unfortunately there aren't any other ones to check due to the games age and lack of popularity.