• I just did a network update for psp, and got playstation store, i downloaded games and demos and when i try to play it, does like every normal game, the screen turns black and goes back to the main menu and it says "The game cannot be started. (80010013)" i would really apreciated if someone could help me :;)
  • someone please help
  • Have you downloaded PSP games and not PS3 games?

    I know it sounds silly but i have lost count of the PSP demos i have downloaded to my PS3!!
  • i dont have aps3 iwas talking about psp, any demo or games dont work in the psp
  • Sounds like you may be losing packets of data which is corrupting the file. All I can suggest is delete the games/ demos from your PSP and try re-downloading from your download history in the store.
  • it didnt work D:
  • Not sure what else to suggest other than maybe re-format the memory stick itself then try again.
  • i dont know what to do, should i restart the system?
  • maybe you changed the settings of your psp try pressing the select button then game format