Time to Buy!!
  • Is it just me or are we entering an excellent time to be buying games?!
    This weekend i have bought - Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction, Uncharted - Drake's Fortune and Everybody's Golf World Tour, total price -
  • 40 for those 3 together? Great deal there, Don! B) I'll be looking for you on the golf course one of these days!
  • im going to buy KILLZONE 2 in an hour, where dya buy 3 games for 40 quid frm don-
  • Gamestation, 2 for
  • wow but unfortunately for us in the U.S. we dont have a gamestation store here. You guys are so lucky!! 2 for £20 man thats pretty good. Even though I dont no the currency rate it still sounds pretty good.
  • i bought motorstorm 2 for £20 brand new,like you said don is there any point in buying them as soon as they come out.i seem to do this all the time buy them straight away and a week later there £10 cheaper.
    killzone 2 £32 on amazon uk
  • asda walmart have got a half price sale on some games

    you can get mirrors edge for £13 and a payed £25 for it and i thought i got a bargain