A Call To Arms
  • You know what, i miss you guys.

    This site was THE most interesting and invigorating thing i found on the internet in years. Helpful, informative but most of all fun.

    It has helped me solve problems, beat games, share wisdom (only of the gaming kind, i aint no Ghandi!!), and i have loved every minute of it.

    Just because i don't post every day doesn't mean i don't visit every day, because i do, this is my first port of call online every day.

    I have read with some concern posts concerning the death of the site, and it worried me. I really cannot think of anything worse, this is a COMMUNITY!!

    Lets all TRY a little harder to keep things moving along, post regularly, not necessarily daily, just regularly.

    AND lets keep the staff busy!! Lets face it, if it wasn't for Lyndon, Mel, Janey, the Chris's etc where would we be.

    Come on now, GROUP HUG!!!! AWWWWWWWWW

    I feel much better now...............LOL
  • LOL
    i agree with you entirely this is the best thing on the net,i don't have any fun on the net as much as i do on here.
    well there is just one other :D
    it is one big community like you said,Ive laughed and Ive cried over my keyboard when Ive been on here OK maybe not cried ;)
    i will try and get on here more,i miss you guys :crybaby:

    PS i felt the love in that hug don :D
  • I agree. I was looking for a PlayStation-themed site other than PSN and this one was great. Lots of info about PSX, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

    I again didn't visit for some days and I found it the site is... still inactive.
  • well this comunnity has the power to stop this ression(of the site tht is). Now out of wanting to know........ and personel experience have you guys found out that this is a chain of events? One person leaves then another then the postest start to dwindle and this site becomes boring. Now im just saying this out of personal experience.
  • Hey guys!!!

    Sorry ive not been around - nice to know we have been missed though!!!

    Things have been really busy with work etc recently and what with resi evil 5 just making its appearence been busy with that!
  • pokerdon said:

    Lets all TRY a little harder to keep things moving along, post regularly, not necessarily daily, just regularly.

    I have to agree 100% with the above statement.

    It must be remembered, however, there are times when the daily aspects of life don't always allow for a whole lot of extra time; and that "extra time" has to be used to its fullest extent.

    But a quality site will always bring people back...as it did in my case. Now that I have much more free time (thanks to a new job with better hours and days off), I plan on once again being a regular contributor to AP, much like I was back in '03 or so.

    But even though I have been gone from the site for a while...I still came back.
    This IS a quality site.

    TIP: Don't EVER take a job working the Graveyard shift. Your life will effectively come to a screeching halt. Mine did for almost 4 years.