destroy all humans 2, landing zones
  • How do you unlock the last landing zone in bay city? it is the one by Coit tower surronded by bill boards and a couple of cars? There is no arkvoodle guy there, just a note that comes up saying you must satisfy his needs. It's the last landing zone I need and then the game will be 100%!!
  • That mission is had from the Shama LLama. Talk to him and he'll say the cult needs to advertise by flying a cult member through the streets. You have a 5 minute timer and it starts as soon as you enter the cockpit.

    Grab one of the hippies that has a pink arrow above them and grab him with the abducto beam then fly to one of the hippie groups marked in blue on your map. Hover above this group until you get a message saying they are getting bored of your advertising then head to another group. You need to recruit 100 new members total.
  • I have done all the missions and arkvoodle cults. this is the only thing I have left to do to be at 100%.